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Yoga Poses to Help Improve Sleep

— by Tempur-Pedic on Jan 11, 2024

Toss. Turn. Fluff. Repeat. If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, your nighttime woes sound all too familiar. While many adults will suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia throughout their lives, a national survey found that more than 55% of yogis reported improved sleep, and more than 85% reported reduced stress.* The next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling restless and wide-eyed, grab your yoga mat and find your inner peace with beginner yoga poses to help you relax, reset, and rest.

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Uttanasana** (Standing Forward Bend)

Targets: Hamstrings, calves

Benefits: May help alleviate anxiety, relieve headaches, quiet the mind, and improve digestion

  1. Stand with your feet at hip-width apart
  2. With arms reaching overhead, sweep arms forward
  3. Bend forward, folding from your hips
  4. Place fingertips in line with toes and press palms into the floor if you can
  5. Shift a little weight onto the balls of your feet
  6. Let your head hang free
  7. Relax and breathe
  8. Gently ease back to a standing position once you feel comfortable

Ardha Uttanasana** (Standing Forward Half Bend)

Targets: Hamstrings, calves, torso

Benefits: It may help improve posture and strengthen back muscles

  1. Stand with your feet at hip-width apart
  2. Bend forward, folding from your hips
  3. Place fingers tips on the floor
  4. Breathe deeply, allowing shoulder blades to come together
  5. Relax and exhale
  6. Once you feel relaxed, gently ease back to a standing position

Siddhasana^ (Perfect Pose)

Targets: Hips, groin muscles, lower back, spine

Benefits: May help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs straight and hands at your sides
  2. Gently pull in both feet to sit in a crossed foot position – either crossing ankles, stacking your feet tightly or sitting with your feet tucked side by side
  3. Sliding your right foot's toes into the space between the left calf muscles can help steady your posture
  4. Sit with your gaze forward, hands resting on your knees
  5. Relax, breathe in, and exhale

Balasana** (Wide-Knee Child's Pose)

Targets: Hips, thighs, ankles

Benefits: It may relieve stress and fatigue, calm the mind, and may help relieve back and neck pain

  1. Kneel on the floor
  2. Bring your toes together and separate your knees
  3. Lean your torso forward with your head facing down, stretching your arms above your head and palms pressing downward into the floor (you may also leave your arms at your side, relaxing your arms with palms facing upward)
  4. Relax, breathe in, exhale, and hold the pose until you feel at ease

Supta Baddha Konasana** (Reclining Bound Angle)

Targets: Inner thighs, groin muscles, knees

Benefits: May help stimulate organ function, improve circulation, and relieve stress and anxiety

  1. Lay flat on your back
  2. Put the soles of your feet together and bring them into your groin
  3. Rest your knees as close to the floor as possible
  4. Let your hands rest with palms up on the floor
  5. Relax and breathe

Savasana** (Laying Flat)

Promotes: Relaxation and calmness

Benefits: It may help calm the mind and encourage tranquility

  1. Lay flat on your back
  2. Extend your arms to the side
  3. Keep your head centered, not letting it fall to either side
  4. Relax, breathe, and allow the tension in your body to be released

Whether you are new to yoga or you're already a true yogi, take some time for yourself to help relax your mind, refresh your nightly routine, and get to snoozing.


*National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

**Harvard Health Publishing

^Yoga Journal: 7 Yoga Poses

Yoga Journal: Standing Forward Bend

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