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How To Make The Bed Like A Pro

— by Tempur-Pedic on Jan 12, 2024

Whether you have visiting guests or are simply sprucing up your home, nothing makes a room feel more complete than a perfectly made bed. But let’s be honest, fighting your fitted sheet or yanking up your duvet can be a hassle. Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered with our top tips for making the bed like a pro.

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Start with the Sheets

Finding the perfect sheets can define a great night’s sleep. Sheets contribute to your overall comfort and temperature throughout the night based on their materials and thread count. Even though there’s an assumption that a higher thread count equals higher quality, a dense thread count means less air can flow through your sheets — making you feel hot, sweaty, and sticky. At Tempur-Pedic®, we’ve kept this in mind, so whether you’re looking for something classic like our Cotton Sheet Set or you want something even more breathable like our ProAir Sheet Set, we have plenty of sheet sets in a variety of colors to match your style. Plus, all our sheets feature Staytight™ bands and precise sizing, so our fitted sheets fit right the first time — and stay in place all night long.

Top It Off with Cozy Comforters

Whether you prefer to stick with your favorite comforter or mix up your layers with a colorful duvet, we know there’s nothing quite as relaxing as climbing into bed and snuggling up with plush, comfy bedding. For those who prefer a down alternative, our Primaloft® Comforter is the perfect addition with hypoallergenic Primaloft® fill, a 300-thread count cotton sateen cover, and a carefully box-quilted pattern. For those who enjoy that iconic down feel, our Down Comforter is a light, soft, and warm duvet insert that provides a heavenly combination of 300 thread count cotton sateen and 650 fill American white down for cloud-like comfort.

Tuck Like a Pro

The infamous hotel bed tuck – we all love it. You don’t have to be a professional to get that perfect, photoshoot-ready look. Grab your flat sheet after you’ve secured your fitted sheet snugly onto your mattress. Lay it evenly across the mattress and align the top edge with the head of your bed. Don’t start tucking yet – keep the edges lying loose. Add your comforter or duvet on top, aligned with the flat sheet. Once everything is in place, start tucking. First, tuck your side edges in. Then, tuck in the foot of the bed. Tucking the bedding in this order provides a clean, tightly fitted look with even, symmetrical lines.

Pro Tip: Before tucking everything in, fold back your sheets and comforter to create a welcoming feel. Plus, it makes it that much easier to climb into bed.

Finishing Touch

Don’t forget to add a throw or Weighted Blanket to the foot of the bed — either folded or draped over a corner. Including an additional blanket adds extra depth to the look and makes the room feel more natural and relaxed. Finally, toss in your favorite decorative pillows to combine all your efforts and admire the look of your perfectly made bed.

A beautiful bed is like a window display in your favorite store. It showcases your style and makes your room feel more complete. Don’t forget to snap a photo for Instagram with #TEMPURLove.

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