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The Secret Ingredient for Sharing Your Bed

— by Tempur-Pedic on Dec 9, 2021

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, but one polarizing celebration remains… Valentine’s Day. That’s right – the spirit of gift-giving isn’t over quite yet, and shopping for your favorite valentine can be a challenging task.

Sleeping couple in dark room - the woman is sleeping with her side raised the man is flat on his back

There are a dozen different ways to do Valentine’s Day the wrong way. Some people may even prefer if we erased Feb. 14th from our calendars completely. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or more of a V-Day avoider, the day still tends to cause unnecessary stress. To gift or not to gift? That is the question. Of course, there’s also the classic trap where you and your significant other agree to purchase no gifts – and then you find yourself blindsided with a thoughtful present and immediately overcome with guilt for not reciprocating.

At Tempur-Pedic®, we may not offer chocolate truffles or fresh-cut flowers, but we do have the perfect surprise to make your significant other’s heart swell: the TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base. Our Ergo and Ergo-Extend Smart Bases are equipped with an exclusive Anti-Snore feature – otherwise known as the key to a long and happy relationship. This sleep-saving technology detects intense, sustained snoring and raises the bed approximately 12 degrees to help reduce snoring in healthy individuals – letting you and your partner sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Plus, our Smart Bases provide cutting-edge sleep analytics. The Ergo Smart Base gives accurate and non-intrusive insights into how long you sleep, your quality of sleep, and ways to improve your sleep. But we didn’t stop there. Our Smart Bases take indulgence to the next level with two- and four-zone massage sensors in three different intensities, head and foot lifts, and a Zero Gravity preset. But, if you’re still looking for a more conventional choice, we also have exactly what you need. The classic teddy bear gets a glow up with our proprietary TEMPUR-Material™. Cutest (and comfiest) gift ever!

Giving is always better than receiving, but why not have both? And while comprising is key for a successful relationship, you shouldn’t settle when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. This Valentine’s Day, think outside the (heart-shaped) box and give your partner – and yourself – the gift of life-changing sleep.

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