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Pursue Your Dreams with Sleeptracker-AI®

— by Tempur-Pedic on Jun 30, 2024

Questioning the cause behind our varying sleep patterns is common. Many nights, we may experience vivid dreams, while others, we recall very little when we wake. Sleeptracker-AI® technology, backed by scientific research, enables us to understand sleep better and adjust accordingly for a more restful night. By exploring the mysteries of our sleep, we can take control of our overall well-being and wake up refreshed every morning.

As you drift off, you transition through light, deep, and REM sleep. During light sleep, your body temperature drops, your muscles relax, and your brain activity begins to slow down. The average person typically spends half their sleep time in this phase. As you enter deep sleep, you experience minimal eye and body movement along with reduced cerebral blood flow, heart rate, and respiration. This stage is believed to be a key factor in body recovery and growth. Brain activity increases as you shift to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, similar to what you experience during wakefulness. This phase supports daily performance, cognitive function, and generates our dreams.

Sleeptracker-AI® technology is a critical component of our advanced TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Bases—offering a unique and comprehensive solution for superior sleep quality. It can accurately differentiate between sleep phases by monitoring your movement, heart rate, and breathing while equipping you with tools like Sleep Coaching and Snore Response™ to improve your sleep. Sleep Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all feature—consider it a personalized assistant that understands your unique sleep needs, providing valuable tips and insights. As you use Sleeptracker-AI®, suggestions become more specific and tailored to your routine. The app is highly intelligent, learning your sleep patterns, including bedtime, sleep onset, and typical duration—even notifying you if you deviate from your routine, helping you maintain a consistent schedule.

Image of Woman Sleeping

We understand that achieving quality sleep can be challenging, so we use a "Sleep Score" to guide and motivate you in your sleep journey. This score ranges from 0 to 100 and reflects your overall sleep metrics throughout the night. We recommend aiming for a score of at least 75, a goal that could motivate you to improve your sleep habits. Don't worry if you fail to meet this goal immediately—the score relies on several factors, including total sleep time, sleep efficiency, duration of sleep phases, and the number of times you wake up during the night.

Sleep Efficiency, calculated within the SleepTracker-AI® app, is the percentage of time spent asleep during the night and is essential to achieve a healthy lifestyle. For instance, if you spend eight hours in bed but only manage to sleep for six hours, your sleep efficiency would be 75%. Ideally, a sleep efficiency of 85% or higher is desirable. By optimizing your sleep time, you can significantly enhance your overall well-being.

Experience a flexible and encouraging approach to improving your sleep with the help of our Tempur-Ergo® Smart Bases powered by SleepTracker-AI®. This technology allows you to easily track and understand your sleep story while providing custom features and tips to help you achieve your best night's rest.



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