Put Your Sleep on Autopilot

Nothing to wear, update, or get in the way of your best night's rest. Sleeptracker®-AI technology does the work for you.

Sleep Smarter with 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Download our companion app to your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Install your new Sleeptracker®-AI sensors below your mattress and follow the in-app activation steps.
  3. Receive minute-by-minute snapshots of your sleep journey.
2 sleeptracker sensors placed underneath a mattress shown with a smart phone and sleeptracker app

Sleep, Learn, Adjust

Sleeptracker®-AI technology analyzes your nightly activity, sleep stages and bedroom environment to
help you better understand and continuously improve your sleep — night after night.

Daily Sleep Quality

A smart phone showing a sleep score on the sleeptracker app

Your Sleep Quality is your overall sleep rating and the app's personalized sleep coaching will help you improve your rating over time.

Sleep Insights

An iphone displaying the Sleep Analysis screen in the Sleeptracker app

With industry-leading sensors and real-time analytics, Sleeptracker®-AI technology provides specific insights based on every night’s sleep.

Smart Alarm

A smart phone showing the smart alarm on the sleeptracker app

Set an AI-powered alarm designed to wake you during your lightest phase of sleep to help you feel more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

A girl sitting in a chair on her phone with a man laying on a bed in the background

Sleep Coaching

Receive all-night insights and customized sleep coaching tips in an easy-to-use app that helps guide you to deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

The AI-based sleep coach offers easy-to-implement sleep tips based on your personal sleep behavior.

Bedroom Environment

Your in-app sleep report shows you the temperature, humidity, air purity, and CO2 levels near the bed.

The app teaches you the most desirable ranges so you can make adjustments to help improve your sleep.

A woman asleep in bed with a graph displaying the bedrooms temperature, air purity, and CO2 levels.
A google assistant on a night stand

Smart Home Connectivity

The Sleeptracker®-AI Monitor works with Hey Google and Alexa to connect with your smart home.

Use simple voice commands to hear your sleep quality rating, coaching tips, and more.

What's In The Box?

Your Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker®-AI Monitor includes a sensor for each side of the bed,
a processing unit, a smart cable, and a power adapter.

A sleeptracker processor

Sleeptracker®-AI processor with a power adaptor

A sleeptracker sensor

Sensor for the left
side of the bed

A sleeptracker sensor

Sensor for the right
side of the bed

A sleeptracker cable

Smart cable to connect a compatible power base.

Enjoy the Full Sleeptracker
®-AI Experience

with our Tempur-Ergo® Smart Bases

A smart base and remote

Responds to snoring.

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Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.

Tempur-Ergo® Smart Bases
Powered by Sleeptracker®-AI Technology

Our first and only technology that does the work for you.

When snoring is detected, the base automatically raises your bed to a position that may help reduce snoring.^

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^Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.

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Sleeptracker®-AI FAQs

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  • The Tempur-Pedic® Sleeptracker®-AI system requires:

    • A 110-240v power adapter (included)
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router connected to an active home Internet
    • An iOS device operating on OS 12.0 or later or an Android device operating on OS 8.0 or later.
  • The Sleeptracker®-AI sleep coach in the app generates a personal sleep rating each night (for up to two individual sleepers).

    The app tracks improvement over time and offers easy-to-implement, personal sleep tips based on an analysis of individual sleep patterns. The advice is always informed by your personal sleep behavior.

    Your sleep coach may react to something that worked really well like hitting your sleep goal or a high percentage of deep sleep. You will get tips that have the potential to raise your sleep quality rating in the coming nights.

  • The Tempur-Pedic® Sleeptracker®-AI app is compatible with the following smart home devices:

    • Any Amazon Alexa-enabled device — just set up the Sleeptracker®-AI skill in your Amazon Alexa app. This includes smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, any other Alexa-enabled devices in your home, as well as third-party smart home products that include speakers, televisions, appliances, etc.
    • Any Google Assistant-enabled device — just set up the Sleeptracker®-AI skill in your Google Assistant app. This includes smart speakers and connected home devices like Google Home and Nest, any other Google Assistant-enabled devices in your home, as well as third-party smart home products that include speakers, televisions, appliances, etc.

    Additionally, the Tempur-Pedic® Sleeptracker®-AI app is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets running Android OS 8.0 (released in 2017) or iOS 12 (released in 2018) and later.

    You can ask any of these devices Sleeptracker®-AI-related questions, including "Ask Sleeptracker how I slept last night" or "Ask Sleeptracker to set my bed to the TV position."

  • Yes, your sleep data is safe.

    The developer, Fullpower, that manages the Sleeptracker®-AI app employs generally accepted standards to safeguard your data. Fullpower encrypts the personal data of users when stored, if it is not anonymized or aggregated.

  • Yes, you and your partner will each have unique Sleeptracker®-AI accounts that monitor and store sleep data.

    During the app setup, you will be asked to specify which side of the bed you sleep on, allowing the system to distinguish you from your partner.

    If you switch sides of the bed, simply update this information in the app at Menu > My Sleeptracker Monitor > Bed & Sleeper Setup > Change Your Side of Bed.

  • Generally, the Sleeptracker®-AI sensors are designed to ignore pets at the foot of the bed and should not affect your heart rate or respiratory rate data, but if the pet gets up and move during the night, it could affect the recorded data.

    At Menu > My Sleeptracker® Monitor > Bed & Sleeper Status > Bed Type & Profile, ensure that you have “Yes” selected for "Do you allow Pets in Your Bed?"

  • Yes, the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker®-AI Monitor works with any bed.

    On adjustable beds, ensure that there is plenty of slack in the sensor cables so your bed can be adjusted fully without straining the sensor cable. As you lower the head of the bed, ensure your routing does not result in a pinched cable.

    For access to the automatic snore detection and response, consider upgrading to one of our Tempur-Ergo Smart Bases.

  • The Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker®-AI Monitor is compatible with nearly any standard mattress, box spring, foundation, or base set.

    Sleeptracker®-AI has been tested and qualified with all Tempur-Pedic® mattresses.

  • If your mattress sits on a slatted foundation, metal grid, or mesh, ensure the sensor is positioned on a solid/flat surface so the sensor is pushed evenly into the mattress when you lie down. The sensor needs to make firm, evenly distributed contact with the mattress to function properly.

    If the openings in your foundation are larger than the sensor, use a thin piece of plywood or plexiglass that spans the holes to ensure the entire sensor makes contact with the mattress.

What's In The Box:

The following items come with your Sleeptracker®-AI Monitor:

  1. Sleeptracker®-AI Processor
  2. Sensor with black connector
  3. Sensor with white connector
  4. Smart Cable (only used with compatible power bases)
  5. 5V usb power adaptor (only used with flat bases)

Not Included:

The Sleeptracker®-AI Monitor System requires the following additional items which are not included:

  • 110v power outlet
  • Access to an Internet-enabled home 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
  • An iPhone device running iOS12 or later or an Android device running OS 8.0 or later


Sorry, no returns on this item.

^Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.

^^Tempur-Pedic® Sleeptracker®-AI is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Google Inc.

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