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TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze


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TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze

The perfect combination of extra-soft comfort and TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling. TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze provides restful comfort, with a 3-part cooling system that really works. The top cover includes TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling and moisture-wicking fabric, while the comfort layer with more TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling dissipates heat during the night.

Key Features

TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling

Cooling comfort for people who sleep hot

Premium Fabric Cover

CoolMax® moisture-wicking fabric

Antimicrobial treatment

Hinders microorganisms, including dust mites

Comfort Layer

Determines the mattress feel
Determines the level of TEMPUR-Adapt
TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling draws excess heat away from the body
Made up of TEMPUR-ES® Breeze material

Support Layer

Provides the support your body needs
Helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress
Channels excess heat out of the mattress
Made up of TEMPUR-Climate material

Base Layer

Serves as the “base” for the TEMPUR® material layers
Helps disperse heat from the mattress

Matching Bases

  • Soft
TEMPUR-Adapt Level
Profile (Approximate)
  • 11"
Comfort Layer
  • TEMPUR-ES® Breeze material comfort layer
Support Layer
  • TEMPUR-Climate™
Cover - Top Textile
  • TEMPUR-Breeze
Cover - Side Textile
  • MicroSuede
EasyRefresh Top Cover (Washable)
  • No
Washable Cover
  • Spot Clean Only
SmartClimate System
  • No
TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling
  • Yes
Antimicrobial Treatment
  • Yes
Size Availability
  • Twin: NA

    Twin Long (38" x 80")

    Double: NA

    Queen (60" x 80")

    King (76" x 80")

    King (2-piece) (76" x 80" total)

    CA King (72" x 84")

    CA King (2-piece) (72" x 84" total)
Recommended Foundations/Bases
  • TEMPUR-Ergo Premier : Brown Oxford

    TEMPUR-Ergo Plus : Grey Upholstery

    TEMPUR-Up Foundation : Grey Upholstery

    TEMPUR-Flat Foundation : Ecru Microsuede
Q: Does the cloud supreme breeze need to be rotated or flipped?
A: Since our mattresses are designed so you do not have to flip or rotate them, you’ll never have to face that backbreaking task. In fact, you should not flip our mattresses—they all have a top side that’s designed for sleeping.
Q: What is the difference between king and split king.
A: The king is a one piece mattress that is 76" x 80". The Split King is a King mattress that is made up of two Twin Long mattresses measuring 38" x 80".
Q: What is the difference between king and split king.
A: The king is a one piece mattress that is 76" x 80". The Split King is a King mattress that is made up of two Twin Long mattresses measuring 38" x 80".
Q: Do the breeze mattresses use a gel?
A: There is no gel in the Breeze mattresses. The top cover includes TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling and moisture-wicking fabric, while the comfort layer with more TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling dissipates heat during the night.
Q: Can I use an electric blanket with this mattress 
A: We do not recommend the use of an electric blanket. Over a period of time it can have an effect on the material.
Q: What is the weight limit on a Tempur-Pedic Mattress?
A: There is no weight limit with the Tempur-Pedic as long as the bed is on the proper support system.
Q: Will I be able to use the traditional bed frame that I already have with the Tempur-Pedic and foundation?
A: Yes you can use your existing bed frame for Tempu-Pedic mattresses and foundations as long as it is a standard heavy duty metal bed frame.
Q: Do the Tempur-Pedic mattresses have flame retardants?
A: All Tempur-Pedic mattresses are manufactured with the safety of our environment and consumers as our first priority. Tempur-Pedic does not and has never used polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) or Boric Acid as a flame resistant solution in our mattresses. Tempur-Pedic products comply with all federal, state, and local fire regulation mandates including California TB-603.
Q: What are differences between Smart Climate and Tempur Breeze?  
A: The breeze is designed for people who naturally sleep hot or who like the feel of extra coolness as they sleep. The SmartClimate is to provide cool to the touch comfort in our new 2014 mattresses.
Q: How often should you turn over or rotate Tempu-Pedic mattresses?
A: You do not have to turn over or rotate the mattress. You can turn it from head to toe but it is not necessary. Do not turn it over because you will not be sleeping on the Tempur material.
Q: What is the Smart Climate System.  Is it the same as cooling gel?
A: The SmartClimate is designed to provide cool-to-the-touch comfort in the new 2014 mattress products. There is no gel.
Q: Do I need to puchase a foundation or can I use a box spring base?
A: You must either use Tempur-Pedic foundation or a Platform bed. Putting the Tempur-Pedic on box springs will void the warranty. Our foundation looks like a box spring, there just aren't in springs in it, it's all wood.
Q: What is Tempur Adapt?
A: Tempur Adapt means how it will conform to the body. Example: Less means less conforming more on the surface.
Q: What is tempur-hd and tempur-es?  What is the difference?
A: The difference in the two is, the HD material is the most highly conforming formulation of the Tempur material that delivers the most precise support. The ES material is the softer formulation of the Tempur material that gives you a combination of soft comfort with responsive support.
Q: Does Tempur Breeze use open cell technology?
A: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes it certainly does. All the Tempur-Pedic's use open cell technology. Dawn@TempurSealy
Q: Does the cloud supreme breeze only come in one firmness or is there a variation between firm and soft?
A: Hello Guy, The Cloud Supreme Breeze only comes in one firmness, however the Breeze family contains 3 mattresses in different feels. Check them out using this link: http://www.tempurpedic.com/Special-Solutions-Collection/Special-Solutions-Collection.asp Thank you, Margaret@TempurSealy

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