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The TEMPUR Difference?
It's our TEMPUR® Material

TEMPUR® material adapts to your shape, weight and temperature to deliver your best night's sleep.

Our material responds
to your body
for personalized

It provides more
even support to help
you relax.

It creates fewer pressure
points for less tossing
and turning.

Our material reduces
motion transfer to
help you both sleep

Models Shown
Left: TEMPUR-Contour Supreme Top: TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe

What people are saying

Rebecca H

@TempurPedic according to my @fitbit, I'm sleeping very soundly. It's everything I hoped for! #thankyou #tempurpedicisawesome

10:28 AM, May 8th

Love our new @tempurpedic mattress slept peacefully woke energetic

6:52 AM, May 16th

It is frankly stunning how much better my hip/back/neck feel after sleeping on a new high quality mattress. Thanks @TempurPedic

9:13 AM, Aug 6th