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Custom firmness for each of you.

TEMPUR-Choice Collection provides multi-zone adjustable support for personalized comfort on each side of the bed. Modify the softness or firmness, and an extra boost via the Lumbar Zone control. Choose from more than 120 settings with built-in memory feature for your favorites.

TEMPUR-Weightless Collection

Medium to Medium-Soft Feel

TEMPUR-Choice Collection Feel:

Ultra Soft
From Soft To Firm You are in control of the firmness
Extra Firm

TEMPUR-Cloud Collection

Ultra-Soft to Soft Feel

TEMPUR-Choice Collection

What’s the TEMPUR-Choice difference?

Use this simple comparison tool to see what makes each of our four collections special.


Select a collection:

TEMPUR-Choice can be customized to be firmer or softer, depending on you and your partners' needs. TEMPUR-Cloud has the softest, most pillowy feel all the time.

TEMPUR-Choice offers dual customization controls so you can make it firmer or softer for each sleeper. TEMPUR-Weightless is highly responsive with a bit of bounce for ease of movement.

With TEMPUR-Choice, you have individual control over the support on your side of the bed. TEMPUR-Contour is the most body-conforming and offers six different models, but it does not feature adjustable support.


Models in the TEMPUR-Choice™ Collection

Adjustable + extra soft, thick top

Starting at $3,149
TEMPUR-Choice Luxe
TEMPUR-Choice Supreme

Adjustable + supportive

Starting at $2,649
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“Once you sleep on a Tempur-Pedic, you can never go back to an ordinary bed.”

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