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TEMPUR® innovation

Our scientists invented TEMPUR® material. And re-invented the mattress.

This Sleep is Power

Consumer Quote

"My Tempur-Pedic is so much better than any mattress I’ve had before.”
- Eddie A.

Born from innovation

Our first mattress, made with TEMPUR® material, was a dramatic departure from any other mattress on the market. In fact, it was a total reinvention of the mattress—and a totally different way to relax and sleep. TEMPUR material reacts continuously to your body’s specific shape, weight and temperature, delivering the cushioning you want, and the support you need to fully relax.

You relax. Our scientists don’t.

Even though our first mattresses were incredibly popular, not everyone loved their firm, highly-conforming support. Our scientists went back to their lab, and created new versions of TEMPUR material and new mattresses. Over the years, we’ve developed softer mattresses, mattresses for people who sleep hot, and even a collection for people who prefer a more traditional feel.

A mattress for every body

As we learn more about what people want in their mattress, we’ll keep innovating—our goal is a bed for every body. But one thing will always stay the same: every Tempur-Pedic® mattress will deliver our proprietary body-conforming support and comfort. So no matter which Tempur-Pedic mattress you choose, you’ll get your best night’s sleep.